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nice to meet you!

Since we’re meeting so many new people, we thought it was time to re-introduce ourselves.

Shane Kroetsch is Pencil on Paper’s author, watercolour painter, and creator. When he’s not writing dark and introspective fiction, you can find him building projects out of old junk, painting sad little blanket ghosts, riding and restoring vintage bikes, and shaking his butt while the vinyl spins.

Currently, Shane is fabricating PoP’s library bike, and writing his next series. Find him @shanekroetsch

Kaleigh Kanary is Pencil on Paper’s editor, illustrator, and creator. You can often find her singing loudly to her cats, binging horror movies, drinking bottomless cups of coffee, and drawing spooky monsters. 

She is currently working on a children’s book, and the next round of card designs and art prints. Find her @kayrazyness.

Got questions about us and what we do? Comment below! 

WordPress Cover – Short Story Month

Short Story Month

May is short story month, and lucky for you, we have a collection of short fiction – This and That but Mostly the Other. Inside, you’ll find some uplifting, melancholic, nostalgic, and just plain weird stories. There’s something for every mood. 

Get a copy on e-book through Amazon and Kobo, or grab a copy through our website. Watch out for more stories to come throughout the month! 

WordPress Cover – Chasing Pre-order LIVE

Chasing the Storm!

Chasing the Storm pre-order is live! Secure a copy to find out what happens in the final instalment of the Storm series.

If you haven’t started in on this pandemic zombie trilogy, now is the perfect time. Get the whole series for a reduced rate!

Go! Go! Go!

WordPress – Chasing Pre-order


What better way to celebrate a day about books than to announce we’re launching the pre-order for the final book in the Storm series! Starting April 30, 2021, pre-order your e-book of Chasing the Storm on Amazon or Kobo, or secure a copy of the paperback on our website.

Chasing the Storm will be released on June 21, 2021 on both e-book and soft cover.

We can’t wait for you to see how it all ends!

Check out our book trailer


Available now!