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To conclude short story month, we’re leaving you with “Boots”, a micro-fiction story from our collection, This and That but Mostly the Other. If short stories are your thing, you can grab a copy through our web store, Amazon, and Kobo


"Get the gun outta my face!"
      The stranger shifted in place. "I said give me your boots, man." One eye was almost swollen shut. His free hand was against his torso. Blood had soaked into the material of his shirt and was dripping between his fingers. The cuffs of his jeans were damp. His feet were scratched and raw at the soles. The pinky toe on his left foot was missing the nail. 
      "Listen, I don't want any trouble."
      The man steadied the revolver and pulled the hammer back. "Take 'em off and walk away, won't be no trouble." 

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