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Support Small Sunday – Owl’s nest Books!

To start this month’s support local feature, we’d like to shout out an amazing independent book store, Owl’s Nest Books.

They have an amazing selection of Albertan authors and also the newest from national bestsellers. It’s cozy inside the store, and the staff are friendly and helpful. It’s hard not to find something exciting to read there. Check out these titles we picked up on our last visit. 

Added bonus: we can grab some coffee and pie from the nearby Sunterra too!

WordPress – support local

August is Support Local Month

The past two years have really focused on the importance of shopping local, and just like you, we’re doing our part.

Pencil on Paper will be sharing some of our favourite local businesses every Sunday in August, so keep watch for the first one tomorrow. 

Remember to show your local shops some love too!

WordPress – paperbackbook day

Paperback book Day!

Happy Paperback Book Day! We love books so much that we’ve published 4, and have more on the way.

Browse our fiction under the “shop” tab!