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REMINDER: Shop Early

It’s the holiday shopping season again!

With new supply challenges and the usual seasonal demand increase, now is a great time to start planning your holiday gifts.

Don’t worry, Pencil on Paper has you covered for those weirdos in your life. Check out our holiday bundles and greeting cards. We also have lots of other odds n’ ends that anyone can enjoy.

Time to get shopping! There’s no time like the present.


Editor’s Tip: Separate Editing Tasks

PoP Editor’s Tip: Break your edits down into smaller, manageable tasks.

Check your flow and pacing of the story (development), then check the order and way you express your ideas (structure & style), and finally check for your grammar and punctuation (copy edit).

Keeping these types of edits separate will help ensure you’re not re-doing work too!


Editor’s Tip: Chop Big Sentences Up

PoP Editor’s Tip: Chop those big sentences up!

Do you keep having to reread some of your sentences? Take those big sentences (that may technically be correct), and chop them in two.

Chances are, if it’s hard for you or your editor to understand, it’ll be hard for the reader.