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Chasing the Storm (e-BOOK)


It’s been two years since the storm forever changed the world. An experienced hunting guide, Krystal, leads a group of amateurs on an outing to commemorate the anniversary of the event. After stumbling upon a facility concealed in the wilds of northern Ontario, she is forced back into a conflict she thought was far behind her.

With daylight fading, the hunting party is promised a luxurious night away from the cold. Far from being an oasis, the facility was created by those intent on using an engineered disease for their own benefit. Once the nature of the group’s situation is revealed, help comes in the form of a kindred spirit who shares their urgent need to escape, and they face a brutal struggle to free themselves from a place few are meant to leave.

In the final thrilling installment of the Storm trilogy, Chasing the Storm highlights how easily the quest for stature and dominance can turn us against our humanity and proves how surviving alone does not mean you are immune from the effects of the storm.

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About the Author

Shane Kroetsch writes dark and introspective fiction. Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Shane lives there today with his wife and three sons. This is Shane’s second novella and it is the third and final story in the Storm series. Everything you need to know about his books and creative life can be found on his website.

Product Description

  • ISBN-13 : 9781999482084
  • Paperback : 156 pages
  • Dimensions : 20.3  x 12.7 x 0.98 cm
  • Publisher : Pencil on Paper (June 2021)
  • Printed : Printed in Calgary, Alberta (Blitz Print)
  • Language : English



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