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This and That but Mostly the Other Bundle


For this holiday season, we’re offering This and That but Mostly the Other with a bonus gift. For local delivery, you’ll receive a limited edition book flower, crafted from pages of the book and designed with the stories in mind. Any shipped book will include a watercolour Ghost holiday card. 

This and That but Mostly the Other is an eclectic collection of flash and micro fiction that explores the breadth of the human experience – love, loss, and being devoured by monsters on a late-night bus ride.

“This” represents gratitude, and a light shining in the darkness. “That” shows us introspection, heartbreak, and that not all endings are happy. “The Other” is filled with the dark and twisty bits that keep you up in the night – fantastical and surreal.

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About the Author

Shane Kroetsch writes dark and introspective fiction. Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Shane lives there today with his wife and three sons. This is Shane’s first published collection. Everything you need to know about his books and creative life can be found on his website.

Product Description

  • ISBN-13 : 9781999482008
  • Paperback : 181 pages
  • Dimensions : 20.3  x 12.7 x 1.2 cm
  • Publisher : Pencil on Paper (February 2020)
  • Printed : Printed in Calgary, Alberta (Blitz Print)
  • Language : English


Praise for “This and That but Mostly the Other”

“In This and That but Mostly the Other, Shane accomplishes to acquaint us with his diverse writing talent. Each piece penetrates deep into the mind with a power to move us from one realm to another leaving those who read this book with multiple candidates as their favourite.”

Ann Edall-Robson – Author of The Quiet Spirits

“Insightful and relatable – each piece showcases everyday life through a unique combination of curiosity and concerns. The collection is a personal commentary on loss, love, and opportunity as seen through the eyes of a true observer.”

Kaleigh Kanary

“We live in an age where we can easily say, “it’s been done.” But what Kroetsch accomplishes is nothing less than a totally unique dream sequence. Each story, be it two paragraphs long or eight pages, is a vivid and engaging dream sequence. The images conjured all feel like a waking dream, and it’s incredible. The short stories make you ache for more, and that is truly a beautiful rarity. I would love to be in the author’s head for forty-five minutes. I’d get absolutely nothing done, but damn it would be interesting.”

Ian G.

“Shane Kroetsch is an inspired and insightful writer. The book This and That But Mostly the Other takes Shane’s readers on a thought provoking journey of short stories. I have often wondered about the people around me, what their thoughts are, and what their day to day lives are like. I found answers in these stories, and then some! The characters are well developed, and the writing evokes emotional and even physical reactions in the reader. I found tears falling in some pages, and goosebumps raised in others. Shane is a writer who produces riveting tales of experiences that any everyday person could possibly encounter, some a blessing, others a chilling nightmare. I cannot wait to read it again!”

Jenn Rasmussen

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Dimensions20.3 × 12.7 × 1.2 cm


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