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spooky season

Support Local this Holiday!

This is your friendly reminder to shop local small businesses this holiday season. Times are tough and we rely on your support to keep us going. Lucky for you, shopping local has perks! If you’re in Calgary (and the surrounding area), we offer free local delivery! Place your order by December 21 and we’ll guarantee delivery by Christmas. If you have any questions regarding our delivery availability, shoot us a note on our contact page. 

PSA: 30 Shopping Days Left!

This is a friendly reminder that there are only 30 shopping days left until Christmas. Have you started your shopping? Check out our shop!

REMINDER: Shop Early

It’s the holiday shopping season again! With new supply challenges and the usual seasonal demand increase, now is a great time to start planning your holiday gifts. Don’t worry, Pencil on Paper has you covered for those weirdos in your life. Check out our holiday bundles and greeting cards. We also have lots of other odds n’ ends that anyone can enjoy. Time to get shopping! There’s no time like the present.